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We strengthen bonds between loved ones by passing love, stories, and traditions through generations with flawlessly designed, timeless heirloom earrings.

Stella Maee


“The greatest joys in life are found within family. Family is a source of safety, inspiration and purpose.”

Stella Maee

Stella Maee earrings are carefully designed to be the must have gift for every precious milestone.


Stella Maee

Our family’s memories mean everything to us, and we know yours do too. We created Stella Maee as a father-daughter team to help you preserve those memories with a tradition that has been passed down through our European heritage, from my Grandma Stella, to me, and now to my daughter Stella.

In our family, giving every baby girl a pair of timeless, elegant earrings is more than a gift. It’s an heirloom that marks a milestone moment—a new addition to the family, a special birthday, or a baptism. To make this tradition even more special, we patented a safe, high-quality earring design that is comfortable, secure, and made of precious materials.

Stella Maee earrings are more than an accessory. They’re a link between family members and generations. Thanks to my husband's support, my mother’s constant encouragement, and my dad's business mindset, we created a team that’s committed to creating the most trustworthy product and ear piercing experience for you and your loved ones.

We’re excited to keep our Grandma Stella’s tradition alive by helping you begin this beautiful tradition in your family with Stella Maee.

Cami Redd
CEO and Co-founder

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